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'Novium' Standard CD

'Novium' Standard CD


4 panel CD package of Dutch Criminal Record's debut album 'Novium'.

Includes singles 'Now or Never' and 'Gaslight'.

Out on August 23rd 2024.


Dutch Criminal Record, the UK’s rising indie surf rock band, unveil their gorgeous debut album ‘Novium’ via AntiFragile Music. Translating from the Latin for ‘Chichester’ (the band’s hometown), ‘Novium’ represents a culmination of all that the band have achieved up until this point and an opportunity to reflect on their roots and admire the growth. Known for their infectious melodies, glossy guitar chords and vibrant live energy, DCR offer a sun-soaked debut album that blends nostalgic indie surf vibes with a psychedelic, Gen Z twist. The DCR boys conceived the album as a love letter to themselves and we invite you to join in on the romance.

Expected to be delivered by Fri 23 Aug 2024
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